Saturday, December 13, 2008

"The Curtains"

Is there a rose beyond the curtains?
so delicate that I may feel its petals
beyond the shield of my knowledge
             "The Curtains"

Will they ever open up sunlight?
So that I may feel his radiance 
Burn through the needs of my skin without
              "The Curtains"     

Will I ever let go of my self?
Dancing around with angels
The soul of light perishes beyond
            "the Curtains"

At last I reach out to the world with my arms,
Indecision binds me but nay
I know I desire more life than within
            "The Curtains"

Alas! I see beyond my curtains
A world trapped in chaos and order
With neither rose nor sunlight to feel beyond
          "The Curtains"  


Anonymous said...

Is there anything beyond Knowledge in physical realm? We always know the start but never the end because we cannot use the same tool ( mind ) which helps in "Start". We are seeing through accumulated knowledge. We should be seeing on our OWN.. How is it possible to see on our own with so much of accumulated knowledge. Should we not unlearn to see on our own ? Again unlearning is not taught? We teach non violence and violence we do not teach unlearning violence. Each individual should find his/her own process of unlearning.

S Baskar

Unknown said...

There is an element of individuality to be exercised while unlearning. The problem is in the context of society that individuality is curbed to a great extent because it is perceived as a threat. It is also curbed by reinforcement of 'collective values'. When the individual recognizes that the collective values are not applicable always, unlearning begins.