Saturday, March 21, 2009

Art Movies - A Timeless Genre

Off-beat movies with a message have a profound impact on the individual. An interesting story line captivates us undoubtedly but the essence of spreading awareness through a movie will give it the immeasurable value of a shooting star. Producers are not without a passion for Art movies. They may not be pot boilers but the desire to express and convey the bitter realities that we all have to face at the individual level is growing intensely. The individual of a group, nation and the world spots a ray of hope in the path of struggle. The advantage art movies have is that even viewers who are not movie buffs will be able to relate to them at a personal level. Learning then becomes a real and transparent experience through the gift of this genre. Even for someone like me who doesn’t watch many movies, there is an awakening that redefines my perception. A movie that is timeless has this sterling quality.

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