Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Awakening of New Metaphors

Actually, both sunrise and sunset are metaphors of perception. Sensory perception is only programmed perception. It is because of the determined programming, a being experiences exalted sensation on seeing and feeling everything around, usually for the first time only! The same sunrise is no wonder when observed every day. Why is that the case? It's possible that sensation once experienced is exhausted by the senses of passion. To recover the thrill would demand a novelty in perception.

Sensory perceptions are fixed. You see snow for the first time. You are enchanted. You visit scarcely populated spots in hill stations or the country side and you experience a self sufficiency that you would be ready to pay a heavy price to buy. Music gives that exalted sensation. It is possible that the same song or scenic beauty may supply you with euphoria consistently if you listen to the same song with fresh ears or look at the breathtaking sight with fresh eyes. That’s not the only point.

There is programming in perception and if this programming were to be disrupted then even your gross sensory perception will be challenged. What you see, hear and feel maybe a lot different from what is usually perceived by the determined program. You are used to seeing the sunrise. It doesn't strike you as novel and you don't enjoy it anymore. But if you see the same sunrise in a new light you may certainly marvel at it. How is that possible? It is a new sensation.

Whatever happens is a response to some stimuli. In physics as in psychology this is inevitable as reason will have you believe. If you respond to stimuli that others do not then you have experiences that are not thought to be real just because others don't see what you see.

It is one point to experience a novelty in perception which means a unique sensation but it is quite another to have a radically different sensory perception where you do not respond to stimuli that is for all living beings to see. Starting with the sunset and moving on to sunrise may not be the only new life, but the existence of new metaphors in your sensory perception may take you away from the world of the known. Finding a metaphor in perception is like waking up from sleep. Your awareness moves from one sleep to another as you no longer need light to see depending on where you sleep.

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