Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Esoteric Connection (Over Tungabhadra)

The view from this bridge feeds the pupils of my eyes with thrill. This time, I see the waterways below stare back at the viewer as the bubbles float in charged currents. Winds blow with immense strength to the extent that I simply can't be sedate. The pleasant circumference breathes life into my adrenalin. At the same time, there is no unpleasant feeling. The skies shine through the water surface below and the blue above that is lost to the sun tan is preserved in diluted creams. From them I am shielded by the magnificent bridge.

The experience scintillates my veins, but to merely allow the flow of this scenic body to attack my intellect would leave my experience incomplete. A hollow breeze will not carry you with it but over the bridge its power gets in volumes overwhelming. You fear that you may be lifted of the bridge by the wind and dropped in a flash. There is a gap of infinity between the bridge and the waterways, but you know you are above a thick water bed and it doesn't seem like too much effort would be needed to push you into its arms.

To think that this is no miserable feeling of fear is the recovering feature of its thrill. A landscape is delightful when the whole open space gives room for the laws of Physics to care. The chemistry is stable yet the picture uncanny and the Zen feeling that was described verbally in books freezes at the force of the wind's tenacity. The eyes are too small to capture the whole landscape on the other side of the river but numerous steps will take you away from this feeling as the bridge leads you to a more urban landscape. Past the river; the bridge and the steep height with its charming thrills finish as photographs that are preserved only by the manipulation of light and film.

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