Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Separation

Birth into a world is like being dropped in a well of differentiation. Unusual as this may seem without this differentiation of the entity there can be no transaction with the world. The other objects are differentiations but this does not mean that they are held together by an invisible chain. What holds objects in the well together is this very differentiation itself. Differentiation creates space as an actuality which is why two beings are held together by the same feeling. Birds from the tree that drop dead because of the heat are separated from life. They do not move out of the well but are finished in it by the hostility which is different in personification from wrath. A being that laughs at death usually is removed from life displaced in the evergreen inactivity of indifference. The hope that joy brings is separated from despair and sorrow.

When you befriend someone then you are united by the thought of insecurity. This insecurity may or may not grow as the friendship grows. Depending on the nature of ‘attachment’ formed this insecurity forms a web that holds the two as objects. The web gets cut off only when the friendship deteriorates to a point when insecurity turns to dust. The only hope out of this possibility of separation is the realization of the possibility of separation as an actuality. This in reality is a supra-virtual fact. Unless it is it is not. The fear of losing a friend will remain as long the two individuals remain friends. This also explains why there is no attempt to become strangers to each other again by undoing the friendship. When friendship is feigned to be undone what remains is the reason for wanting to undo it and therefore in reality this is an impasse. The two shared a space recorded in the memory of objective reality and therefore there is no question of undoing the friendship. The insecurity is lost because the two do not wish to restore communication as friends. The friendship that existed in the past prevents the two from being strangers once again. 

In impulse a friend cannot exist as an informal commitment because it is an impulse. It cannot exist as an impulse as the desire is to commit. This self-contradiction is what causes separation which is the fear of togetherness. The fear of being together fuels separation and the fear of separation nourishes friendship. The impulse has done away with itself to transform the nothingness of a relationship into a value ascribed by human possibility. Making the best out of vacuum is the space that is created for events to happen. To call this vacuum as a precious creation is to undermine the events that happen in it. This causes self-contradiction which consistency and steadfastness use as a fear to sustain themselves. In the blank space there are only particles that you can use and in turn get used to resolve the condition of black-outs. It is only in a black-out that the conflict of separation gets finally resolved.

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