Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In between Two Brains- Wernicke and Broca

On taking up the topic of speech production, it must be suggested that individuals who are spontaneous in speech cannot throw much light on the subject. They cannot know what happens to them while they are in the process of speaking. The only way a process of the brain can be understood is by adopting 'a fly on the wall' approach. This would imply standing outside the process in order to observe it neutrally. In Artificial Intelligence, there are no prizes for guessing that getting a computer to speak is not easy for a human being. This could be a result of the human being's underlying assumption that consciousness is needed to speak spontaneously. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Some human beings who experience brain related trauma during communication exhibit psychosomatic symptoms which make it difficult to speak fluently or understand quickly or both. These individuals do not necessarily have problems with experiencing the minimum range of consciousness. In fact they may have layers of conscious experience that are inaccessible to ordinary mortals. The reason can be attributed to the sharpening of their introspective skills.

 Then there are those with consciousness disorders who have their fluency intact. It indicates that comprehending and producing speech have not much to do with consciousness after all. There are cases of people with injuries in their Wernicke and Broca areas who speak using other faculties of the brain that are not injured. Some of them retain speech production but have an altered sense of diction. Through them it is possible to understand how speech is comprehended and produced. It is also possible for an individual to attempt to be correct while speaking and this slows down the process of speaking but increases their ability to simultaneously ascertain how they think. These individuals may write with a facility that can give you a market to teach. The reason is that their thought process is organized to the extent of recording its nature and dimensions simultaneously. This gives them an edge when it comes to writing. It also enables them to introspect scientifically and come up with insights on speech production, comprehension and natural language processing. Scientists would do well to employ the aforementioned rare skills of these individuals to make strides in artificial intelligence when it comes to natural language processing and resource-faculty application.


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