Monday, May 16, 2016

Where Does Originality Come From?

Originality is found only in simplicity. With technology at our disposal, people have lost something very vital to their existence and that is their individuality. Use technology as a platform to give voice to your expression. Abuse it and there is no self and no originality. Design is mistaken for art. Art is in the thought that goes behind what you make. Without thought, design is empty of meaning. That thought or idea comes from being with yourself. This simplicity can appear sullen and destitute to the philistine, but therein lies originality.

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Savitha Ravi said...

I have found with so much information at their disposal children "know" everything. They wonder no more or less. As a child I always had wondered about how the colours appear as a rainbow in the sky - I had different stories that changes every time a new thought came when I wondered about the formation of rain but today children know evaporation, condensation and not only are they fed through the internet but also by their parents and teachers - information is continuously loaded and overloaded. Child is loaded before he has actually learnt or even absorbed the first bit of information. Indeed it is the information age... Originality can come only if there is wonder, if there is something that we do not know, something we seek to learn and start to find while in the process of seeking. There is not only abuse of technology but over use that leads to abuse.