Saturday, August 6, 2016

Examining the Appearance of Disappearance

With flickering will, the sense of volition comes to a standstill. This will on the verge of withdrawal from appearance resists entering the door to your absence. Once it is gone, your presence will be absent to this 'will' of yours and present to your absence. Absence and presence are unavailable to each other and invisible to each other's presence. The will that is flickering keeps the door open just in case there is a change in direction of its presence. Presence and absence cannot deny each other as the will keeps flickering. Volition is the ability to exercise this will. They are not the same but the former is a sensation of awareness, while the latter is the force that is governed. The door that is open to disappearance is a wonderland that escapes your understanding, for you know excessively and knowledge in excess closes the door. You can never enter the field of absence with your presence of mind. To be aware of your surroundings is one matter, but to be aware of what you may be unaware off indicates elucidation sans articulation.

A furnace is the awakening of your denial, a denial that you know. You cannot say that you do not know, for to be able to make sense of your awareness proves to you the tangible tendency to place a given object of awareness. It is at once heat and folly that makes you resist the absence of your sense of volition. Both volition and will lie outside the realms of Physics. The phenomenon of absence contradicts the presence which is Physics; for what is Physics- but the science of everything that is present. To acknowledge that there is a will that keeps flickering, marks the vulnerability of the physical space. The furnace is the melting point of awareness and the fuse is the position from which your will can persist in vain obstinacy to deny an absence that was once upon a time known. Is this not a fallacy my dear friend? For one who cannot enter the space that one is already in, cannot leave the space that one was never in. Yet, the sense of its fallacy is denied.

It seems like there is an object guiding the will from a source. This source is unreal and so is your drive. To think of it as a sustainable offence is to mark the end of an inquiry that led you to the door to absence in the first place. If the lamp is upstairs, would it not be the height of folly to not attribute the source of your presence to that flickering will? The unsteady determination of will gave rise to a physical space and you are in as the mobius strip of appearance and disappearance.

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