Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Does Sense of Belongingness Make Sense?

A country is an artificial way of establishing togetherness. It is not the jurisdiction that gives you a feeling of being at home. Home is not just a place where you reside, but a place where you feel at home. Without this feeling, you might simply refer to it as a room or a place where you are 'residing' and not 'living'. A room in a sense is like Kafka's shell. You have a space in the midst of the wild but you belong only there and outside you see yourself as a being to the other. There is no one like you and everybody else or most people are similar to each other. If there are individuals like you they are few and far in between. You find the individual in them and do not see them as the other to you. As far as people who constitute the other in terms of common patterns of behaviour and inclinations are concerned, it would be as well to say that they are all the same and must constitute 'the other'. You are different from the other and you cannot be indifferent about it all the same. In a country where you are a citizen and you share a commonality in feature as in the physical plane you are spoken off as being one with the country say, Indian, American and so on.  You may not feel at home with the place, you may not feel accepted there because you have different interests and inclinations despite the fact that they are perfectly legitimate. This could be just one of the many reasons. The patterns of madness in the nation in terms of trends and the obsessions of the mass may have you culturally ousted for no fault of yours. You cannot feel at home in your own land.

When officially you are asked for your residential address, you just give an established address. You may not be residing there. That does not apparently matter. What matters is that you have an address that is legally established. This is registered and your so called "home" is in the system. The place where you live may not be your residential address; it may not be your home at all in the established sense of the term but that is the place, my dear where you feel at home and where you are at comfort with yourself. This is your true address and this is where you experience integration (many say strength but I would prefer to say integration for home is where you collect yourself). Therein you realize your identity and this is what gives you, your address. The system does not recognize it because it is not in it and as far as it is concerned the real identity "is not".

A country where your potential is curbed is not a place where you can grow, and where you cannot grow, you cannot be. Just because you are a citizen of a country does not mean you belong to the country. Your countrymen and women may expect you to be grateful to the country just because you were born in it or are a citizen. This expectation is by no means legitimate. Patriotism is scarcely germane to your existence as a being in flesh and blood, and being of soul. The pursuit of happiness or discovery encompasses landscapes that no authority on jurisdiction can fathom and no bureaucrat of administrative denominations can understand or even hope to imagine.

As a matter of self awareness in your existential time, when someone asks you, "what do you want to do when you grow up?", please feel free to say, "I just...I just want to live".

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Varun said...

Well said... Very well thought out. I couldn't agree more.

Home is more than just a physical place of residence. It is a sense of belongingness, if I may borrow from the title, where one feels perfectly at ease. It is as much psychological as physical. For some, travelling itself may be where they feel at home. For such an individual, there can be no physical address associated with their "home", since it is constantly changing. A person can be at home, abroad, while someone can be a foreigner in his own place of birth. It is a question of fitting in, free from any inhibitions without any fear of judgement and isolation, a sense of peace and comfort that can only be found at home.