Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fear in the Mirror

The clouds came back last night

Returning the cold shivers of my mind

With a lightning of a thousand shadows;

I looked up and down searching for your life

Not to find it in the illusion of what appeared

If only all that had been never was.

I could call upon the angels to let you fly

But I saw despite the utter darkness

Fear in the mirror;

Oh! How a tainted blow upon the soul

Summons the guards of hell

For in the end we are mere shadows

Groping in the mirage of our light

Like apparitions you and I,

How we danced to the whims of imaginary colours!

To think we are of flesh and blood

I only know I am endowed with you

If only this feeling made us real,

I could call upon the angels to let us fly

Like darkness calling out to you

Fear in the mirror;

So I let the prisoner of reflection step out

Casting the mirror forever to dust

But the fear returns like vapour

In the break of dawn

I could see that fear was me all along.

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