Sunday, February 3, 2008

Enlightenment through music

Many people feel to this day that enlightenment cannot be described in words. Could this be a myth? What if the words chosen to convey a point are viewless in the sense that while nothing well-defined is communicated, the myriads of thought are still expressed? The demands of day to day living respect only the well-defined stands that we take but not the asymmetric notions which we wish to express. The benefits of music help us appreciate these notions. Emotion merges with thoughtful energies giving us the musical or poetic experience. This is the enlightenment that I am talking about.

Music is not just an experience but also enlightenment. It is not my wish to convey a point of view that the enlightenment is static. In fact it is truly dynamic in that you grow in terms not expressible by time. Just imagine a location in space where there is no time, no space and no gravity but just you. Just you and yourself to be with. An imperfection too graceful to be brought down to standard forms. An enlightenment beyond thought. That is what music is.

Listening to music is itself a form of self-induced therapy. If you experience it you wouldn't wish to communicate it. You would long to express it in artistic forms. It may be in the form of music itself. Some say music is a journey, a few others say it is a trip to our sub-conscious world which we at the conscious level dared to face. For it is our true nature we face in the form of musical notes. The melody is so sweet that we don't take into account what we are going through at the time of going through it.

Anything self-induced is self-sustained. We don't bother about the limits of joy when we are in joy. It is the same with music. We don't bother about when the song is going to come to an end. We just enjoy and relish the tune in the process allowing music to take us to a semi-conscious state of existence or Sleep! You like to be in a state of wonder don't you. If you could afford it you may say. It never happens at the expense of life. However limited space is , music can still encompass and fit in without stress.

Music is the only phenomena which survives time. If we were to know this musically we would compose our music of life. We would live in ecstatic heights of imagination. Nothing would stop us from blossoming into flowers of rhymes, into flowers of melodies. How wonderful that would be? A lovely song sung yesterday continues to appeal to us today. It will tomorrow also. It is precisely this nature of music that makes it survive time.

Any emotion can be expressed through music. Any thought can be expressed through music. It is how excessively romantic you are. Romance has its place in the dormant shells of talent that everyone possesses. If they are let out it is like letting out butterflies held captive in our stomach in the air. A release is worth the free flowing rivers demolishing dams of imprisonment. Music is freedom. Freedom is enlightenment and music is in enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

"Just imagine a location in space where there is no time, no space and no gravity but just you. Just you and yourself to be with." That's very well said. Indeed, music can take you there. But I think you can lose yourself too in music.

I tend to agree that words cannot express the sense of exhilaration that music brings. I guess music is a language of its own, requiring no words. When music completely envelops you, and fills every corner of your soul, you are oblivious of everything, even yourself. You are just awash in the musical experience.

While sight and sound are the two major senses we use in experiencing the world at large, I find that sound in general can surround you and transport you better than sight. A painting can no doubt bring joy, but when listening to music we can close our eyes and concentrate just on the sound making the experience sharper. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a musical piece is worth way more!

Anonymous said...

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