Friday, February 8, 2008


Have you ever seen a rose mallow
Greet you with a pleasant smile
Have you felt its warm arms
Fondle you with its petals of style
A time never has come for too long
For off you go without a look back
At the trumpet shaped conspicuous wonder
For there is nothing as a human you lack
And this rose mallow is a dream deeply real
My love why do you leave without a touch
Without a semblance in the blemish of truth
There is no love in excess too much
You can see its simplicity oh my darling
Why don’t you even take notice and gaze
At this esteem-free lover so pure
From this worldly censure and praise
Shall awaken you oh my darling
From the gross and the conscious
The rose mallow is so nearly a gaze away
There is no cycle in line quite vicious
That you may walk without a notice
Without a sweet recall of my rose mallow
That we both may cherish
Ajay Seshadri

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