Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Overriding Concerns about Extraterrestrials

Amidst the chaos there is an order that keeps a human being secure from the onslaught of danger. It is unknown how this chaos penetrates occasionally and is kept away quite successfully by fool proof systems at other times. The attempt at creating a force field keeps a living being from contact with natural forces beyond it. One such concern that raises thoughts of such a nature is the concept of extraterrestrials. Is there life in outer space somewhere which we are unable to communicate with? In the planet Mars from time to time there have been triggers of excitement reopening the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials in that planet. Firstly, some of us have an undying curiosity and wonder regarding out of the ordinary phenomenon. This in psychology is referred to as the transcendence of imagination and this is a flight from the mundane activities that holds the individual captive and makes it impossible for him/her to see the light of a world beyond the wall.

Before we broach on the subject of extraterrestrials it would be wise to understand what chaos really is. Interest in chaos is quite different from the desire for it. In this universe it seems as though there is little chaos but couldn't this be the illusion of the security provided by day to day activities of a repetitive nature. Repetition gives security because it is what predictability orders. This predictability over time throws some individuals out of the system making them sources of extraordinary experiences. They are the ones who are predisposed to sensing and perceiving what others cannot. It may be a mistake to assume that scientists, astronomers and astronauts have the best chance of discovering extraterrestrial life. It could simply be a set of individuals who are imaginative to the point of perceiving through signals what lies beyond their walls of reality. In Egypt there were paintings of beings and objects which do not resemble life on earth such as UFOs and aliens. Some thinkers have entertained the possibility of aliens having visited this planet before based on these paintings. The word alien refers to an out lander and one who has an outlandish insight may be in a better position to sense signals of beings outside the world of immediate importance.

For those who are concerned more about matters of immediate importance the chance of discovering beings beyond their sensory perception is negated. For those who are concerned about discovering these beings outside the wall of reality through incremental discoveries the chance of making them is limited by their approaches. It may be only individuals with access to subversive excitation who have some chance of discovering these extraterrestrial beings. It could be a mistake for instance to suppose that extraterrestrials can be perceived by human sensory perception in the first place. What may take more than light years to see by the naked eye may take an instant to discover by accident. As a result of our inflated concerns about everyday life we may miss out on the significance of a concept that may in fact take our spirits far away from the problems in hand to the extent of proving that these problems are nothing but illusions of petty human concerns. This does not mean that we are wrong to be anthropocentric when it is in our nature to be so. It suffices to say that in order to go beyond the wall of reality it might be wise to break it once in a while. All it takes is an unidentified flying object.   

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