Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Shadow of Personal Transformation

It is incredible to think of tremors as cracks in the outline of a trapped mind. For this reason you may prefer the incredible and hold on to it till it becomes your ‘self’. Don’t let it surprise you for if you do, a bubble opens up taking you with it and you float in it. One who is watching you in the bubble notices you as the bubble and fails to seek you in your pure form open to the distortions of the mirages of the mind. Association spells trouble, my dear friend! You would notice it if you tried to look at the tremor and seek refuge in its unstable moments. That is what all of us are doing right now.

 To the extent that the sea opens up and consumes anything that gets dropped in its arms, you become something of a drop-out as you are a bubble and can hardly feel the texture of the surface you are expected to accept as your identity. How can you be someone you cannot feel for even an instant? Alarming as it may seem, one gives in to the beliefs of transformations of the bubble as though they were indeed possible. These transformations can only exist in the realm of learning; a focus that has a faint resemblance of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch in the light of a learner searching for a candle in the night. It probably never will be found unless the belief in question begs to be eliminated. It is a dance through the fire. 

Lurking in every corner is the perennial labor in a sacred delusion that one day transformations would happen to an absolutely fragile bubble. We are gullible enough to believe that the bubbles erupting out of outmoded concepts will soon define the pompous personality of man. The bubble is nothing but a shadow and so is human personality. They last till a finger pokes into their structure giving us at least the relief of dropping not as personalities transformed but as shadows revealed by a distant light.

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