Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ode to Bertrand Russell

You say ‘Love is wise
Hatred is foolish’
But as is the case when the known displays to you
A cloud where only those who love can actually hate
There is a flower then there is a thorn
It is the indifferent human being
Who neither hates nor loves
Like the lifeless pale moon that you referred to as consolation
The wasted pursuits of some men and women are thankfully consumed by the leveler called ‘time’
For the lines in between social vibes
Prove wooden apathy being the root cause of worldly suffering
Far from the traditional wisdom of attachment being the root cause of perennial pain
The deepest cut is by the coldest knife
What is worse?
-        Expressions of passionate verses by the attached
The caustic emissions of cold rationality by the apathetic

Who is anyone to decide?

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