Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I’m feeling a bit lost
Can you get me out of the woods?
Does it take wisdom to free
These arms held tight for good?
Can you see me searching?
Do you wonder if it’s you?
Can you see me in the garden
Or in the sky when it’s not blue?
If time is a healer
I know my relief is you
I may not be a believer
But I surely believe in you.
Approaching the dawn the curtains I drew
Away from my despair
I’m always open to you,
As winds threw me far
To places never seen before
In experience there is a star
Who knows what life has in store!
Are you the one I fail to see?
Or are you just a blizzard in my eye?
Disguises aren’t necessary
There is always truth in a lie.
While I’m in the sea shore
I feel the magic of your presence somewhere
As faint light creeps in and withdraws
I become in every sense self-aware,
Please feel free to try out
A course of life incredibly true,
Even if there aren’t many sea shells
I know somewhere there is always you!

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