Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Solitude in Loneliness is Like a Lotus in a Fortress

Lotus in a Fortress is a collection of poems. There are poems in classical forms and poems in free verse. The title hints at a contradiction in form and at the same time, its coexistence in substance. It is possible to be free inside a structure if the so called structure is aesthetic and reasonably shapeless. If the structure is utterly well defined with no scope for fluidity then the substance takes the shape of the structure. As a result 'the contained' has no identity of its own.
If the container blends with the contained then harmony is obtained. Form and structure constitute aesthetics. The poems in "Lotus in a Fortress" are insights from experience. The beauty of classical structure in verse lies in its rhythm and metre. Writing in classical forms gives an intellectual thrill to the poet and the fulfilment that follows, needless to say, knows no bounds!

It is said that poetry leads to multiple interpretations. The poet may wish to convey only one meaning and that is perhaps the only objective of the poet. For instance, in the title, the poet represents solitude through lotus and loneliness through fortress. It is possible to be alone and seek solitude because you are made lonely on account of being excluded from the group. You are said to be alone in a group and as a result you seek solitude for being happy with yourself. The dark fortress is the state of being estranged. You are amidst people but you are all alone. Therefore you need to be alone outside in order to be at peace with yourself. If you are not accepted by people then you may go to a place where there is nobody so that you are accepted by the environment. People do not necessarily make a place; solitude can.

The construction of a structure is preserved more by the thought that goes behind its making. The insight is preserved by the delicate usage of words. How well the words are strung together determine the efficacy of their delivery. The rhythm is sustained by the dramatic element of the verse. Words by themselves do not make a poem. Even the overall meaning does not. It is nothing but the musical element. It gives the poem power. The dramatic element is the soul of poetry.
Poetry is about harmonizing opposing forces in a continuum that provides the platform to do so.
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