Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Agnosiac- Inability to feel Knowledge

Knowledge is not restricted to reality. You can also know that which is imaginary. It is processed by your senses in a way that touches you so intensely that you express it by giving it form and shape.

The idea then becomes real even if it was once upon a time imaginary. 'Real' is what is made real. If you wish to see God, you do not see him; you see the idea. If you wish to discover, you notice a pattern. It is the emotion that drives the intelligence. What comes out is the making of a complex mind.

I would like to sketch the outline of an experience to explain what it is like to not know what you know and to not know if you can know anything at all.

Agnosia is not like agnosticism. It's not an intellectual choice, but a zone you just find yourself in.
The spinal cord does away with the intellect. Thought becomes an action and feeling breathes in every word. It's not Biology or Chemistry but inspiration that makes you alive.

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