Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mood swings with melodies

Strings of harmony delight my soul composed play,
The songs of inert seasons make a lovely day
The mood swings with melodies touching gentle hearts,
I play them repeatedly to minute contrasts.

Lovely music that once was sinks in my mind's eye,
Through poetry of vision words begin to fly
The sweet nectar of honey could be no more sweet,
Floating beats of love fusing my music beneath.

I sense the magic in air when all is quiet,
Where there is heart for contrasts there is no riot
To human space gives music a longed for life need,
There can be no distinction where no one can bleed.

I attain through these string notes much sought for silence,
I hum in my secret ear tunes of elegance
Sing not do I through my voice thy music I keep,
Tunes fade away in whispers till mind preys on sleep.

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