Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Unknown Friendship

A dear friend has come back,
Thrilled I am to meet his smile
With some recollections wild.
My words are all my mind share,
Filled with triffles as always,
Puzzles me his laughter mild!
I corrode thinking alone,
My friend who was an island,
Now is with me to sing songs.
We play a soft melody,
That catches by the fire,
Lost friendship quick time prolongs!
Take me with joy my close friend,
To the courtyard of your dorm,
I dare say my words I crush
In the evening of the dawn,
We are happy let it be,
The blood frozen to the rush!
He senses all my feelings,
Welcomes me flashes in speech,
I shall take you along friend.
From the green hills of fresh joy,
We left for the instant sea,
Where shells of life deeply blend!

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