Monday, December 7, 2009

The Silent Killer

There is only the age of decadence and the ‘taking for granted’. Admitted, taking for granted at times is inevitable but life would be elegant to the individual and those around if what is taken for granted is examined. Right from our childhood in schools we are taught to compete and the utter nakedness of competition becomes apparent in later life.

A child who has achieved distinction as a consequence, will grow up to have a favourable opinion about the system as long as achievement is consistently maintained. A child who fails continuously will naturally be disposed to rebuke at the faults of the system. No one has any consideration for this unfortunate soul who is face to face with psychological failure and nothingness.

All of us desire with wantonness that there should be the so called ‘lesser individuals’. The system respects achievers and forces the non-achievers or underachievers into a gloomy feeling of stifling inadequacy. Parents of achievers in general, look down upon those with difficulties. The underachiever is seen as a nuisance to society therefore not respected. The child feels distraught and suppresses it till it develops into a preserved wrath. The flame is kept burning by constant censure. Everywhere he goes, heads turn away and his sincerity, which once was music, now transforms into rebellion.

What happens to this individual no one knows; no one is in the least bit concerned. The enemy of society is made by others; the being of authenticity is made by one self. The child as he grows up to be an adult has to make himself. How does he do that? He does it by looking around for people who are in a similar predicament. If he finds nobody ready to confess the sheltered forlornness, then the dormant volcano, which once was, manifests in the difference that he has made of himself. He sees no philosophy worth pursuing because he finds all philosophies to be merely tranquilizers. What he needs is to give a sentient expression to his preserved rebellion. This rebellion of his has made a choice to be subtle in his expression of wrath so that a concern for his movement is established.

There is no collective consciousness that can sabotage his existence. He understands that society is an intangible illusion. Through commitment to his anguish and rebellion he finds his peace of mind restored. His carefree words and thoughts stem from his experience of being sidelined all his life. One learns from such a phenomenon the dullness and the decadence of the spirit of the age. Only when we look at our assumptions closely we begin to experience a feeling of undying empathy for ‘the silent killer’. What we have long taken for granted has to finally erupt.

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