Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Hypnagogic Hallucination

I tried sleeping with the lights on

Managing to doze off in my couch

Undisturbed by the sounds outside

Who would know when I am aroused?

When I surpass and transcend

All conscious states in line

No noise in my head

I’m one with my sign

What is this sign that I talk of?

In union with a serpentine spirit

Am I sleeping into another world?

In a world of forestry

Everything I see is green

So is my life within

What I’ve been seeking all along

Is a deep silence within

That when I have found

for no more than a second

escapes my mind like a penance

I’m no longer exactly asleep

Only in this vacant spot

The soul can begin to rise

When in leisure my mind

Is still and observant

Of what goes on within

I am made vigilant

For I notice someone waiving

To me quasi mysteriously

Is he alive or am I awake?

Am I to believe what I see?

I wake up and shudder

To real eyes where my dreams

Were seen as bigotry

A fault in consciousness

Where ‘real’ life could be a dream.

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