Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Am ‘Who’ You Wish To Find

You can find me in a dark room by the pillar
Don’t look beyond it for I am not a light;
I take on any colour that exists as a pattern
But only I know I am neither black nor white.

In the staircase you can meet me moving up,
Don’t lose your feet while you ascend;
If you do then you would fight a lost battle
That defeat would be hard to transcend.

If you jump off the window you won’t fall down
You can’t deceive me with earth’s gravitation;
I never jump for I am never me
You can only find me in revelation.

I will say this and this I will say only once
“You can find me when you don’t aspire”;
For I am not to be caught on the fly
I am your greed and I am your desire;
With these words I must say goodbye!

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