Friday, November 11, 2011

Where the Candle Fades Inside

We are smiling in a sinking ship

The cartridge is low, power grows old

But we remain cheerful in the ship.

The joys of the evening fade away

But not us swimming like flowers

That do not lose colour

Happy to let go of old habits

Dying beneath the sky like rivulets

Shallow in the opening run deep in the mind

Casting bright lights from the outside

But dim is the burning flame inside

The ink is short of a mirror

We don’t know who we are

The ship is sinking and we are smiling

Aren’t we happy to sink within

To give it our base company

That holds us to its doom

But we pretend to be sure

Of where we would land

For we do not think it likely

To ever hit the base

Not as long as the heart sinks

And the mind crumbles like forgotten dust

But we are happy to sink and so we smile

For joy is not everything and neither is life

We too were hopeful and wanted joy

And now we sink with the ship

Whose captain no longer pretends;

We killed no albatross; we had no pride

But today we retract like flowers

Or birds if you may.

For this life lived with guilt is not worth our time;

So we now look forward to a place

Where the candle fades inside.

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